Monday, September 16, 2013

Five things I hate about working in IT

It is not by mistake that I took an IT Career. I loved IT and I still love it dearly. But honestly there are some things I hate about working in Information Technology.

1. Too dynamic a field-IT is a field just too dynamic and you remain at school the whole of your life. Each time a new software or hardware platform is introduced you have to learn it and continue to research. A technology that works today may be absolute in the next three months, and as IT professionals we have to continue to research and learn new stuff if we are to remain competent in our jobs.

2. Home work never ends at school-ITwork is usually characterised by long schedules and tight deadlines on projects. More often than not, you have to carry your work home as you work under pressure.

3. Standbys and unexpected home calls- In an organisation where IT is critical to the operations of the orgnisation, typically in production, mining and some commercial sectors, where computer systems run 24/7- IT professionals are usually on standby and can be called to duty even at the middle of the night or even whilst on holiday.

4. A non- appreciative management-There’s nothing as disgracing as management that does not appreciate the role of IT in the organisation and the value of IT personnel. Everyone once to be appreciated and it’s high time management begin to view IT as part of the business operations and not a mere support service to the organisation.

5. Health Complications- risk of wearing glasses at the end- Long computer usage usually has an adverse effect to eye health. Computer personnel usually spend more time on the computer than anyone else in the organisation. As such many computer experts wear glasses at the end, and these glasses are no good. The situation is usually worsened by improper work environment setup and paying a blind eye to health advice on computer usage.

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