Thursday, September 26, 2013 Web Enchanter Domain Registration Promo ends in 4 days

If you were not aware, some Innovative Zimbabweans startup (WebEnchanter) worked around a solution to allow you to register domain names online, without physically going to ZISPA offices. They actually introduced the service with a promotion which ends in 4 days time on the 30th of September 2012.
The service is available here and allows you to register your domain and pay with another innovation named Pay4App. Pay4App uses ecocash as uses ecocash to process payments. Under the promotion, you can register your domain for only $6.99 which will be reportedly $9.99 per year once the promotion is over.

The service allows to both check for a domain name and to register it online. I have used the service to register a domain and I tell you I was not disappointed. My domain name was ready in less than 5 hours. The thing I loved most about the service is that you have full DNS access online.

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