Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Telecel Zimbabwe has extended until the end of October its popular Mega Bonus Reloaded  promotion, which was introduced in June this year and had been due to end on August 31.

The Mega Bonus Reloaded promotion allows prepaid subscribers to make calls for double the value of the airtime they purchase, regardless of who they are calling, as long as the call is a local call.

For every dollar’s worth of airtime that is loaded the subscriber receives a bonus dollar’s worth of airtime which is valid for four days.

Mega Bonus Reloaded was the first promotion to offer the use of bonus airtime to phone subscribers on other networks. Previously all bonus airtime could only be used to phone subscribers on the same network.

“The Mega Bonus Reloaded promotion has proved popular with subscribers, which is why we made the decision to extend it beyond the initial cut-off date,” Telecel Zimbabwe marketing director Octivius Kahiya said.

“With previous promotions, such as the Mega Juice promotion and Mega Magic promotion, bonus airtime could only be used to phone other subscribers on the Telecel network.

“Now with Mega Bonus Reloaded subscribers are able to phone any number in the country, including a landline. That is probably the reason that it has proved so popular,” he said.

Telecel first offered subscribers double the value of the airtime they paid for with its Mega Juice promotion, which was introduced in March 2010.

For a dollar it gave the subscriber bonus airtime worth one dollar. However, the bonus airtime could be used to phone subscribers on the Telecel network only.

The Mega Magic promotion was introduced late last year and extended the 100 percent bonus that customers obtained when using the Mega Juice card to all the Telecel airtime scratch cards and vouchers. However, the bonus airtime could still only be used for Telecel to Telecel calls.

In June this year the Mega Bonus Reloaded promotion extended use of the 100 percent bonus airtime to use across all networks. It was immediately popular, which is what has led Telecel to extend the

“Ultimately the aim is to continue to give customers the best possible value for their money,” Mr Kahiya said.

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