Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AHM launches new classifieds web site

Alpha Media Holdings, the company  behind Newsday, The Zimbabwean and  the Standard Newspapers has launched a new classifieds web site myclassifieds.

The new classifieds site will mainly compete with the dorminant web site.

Many classifieds sites have been established only to vanish away after a short existense in the past, but this one hopefully will survive considering that the newspapers already own classifieds columns and it's just a matter of putting this content online. This can be viewed as a positive move for AMH, which have come to realize that the game is changing and there's a need to follow the market who now spend time online through computers and mobile phones. 

The move can be viwed to be something which was long overdue, but at least they have made a move at last. The herald has no option but to follow suit in the near future if they want to survive the heat. Such innovation is needed if our news houses are to survive what we previously wrote on how technology threatens the print media and another story where we articulated on technology and the fall of the news industry.

Probably the most important thing is how much AMH will be able to monetize the new online classifieds web site. At the moment the site offers free ads and some paid premier ads, a move which can be regarded clever, as the free ads will ensure there will be sufficient content to attract audiences in this initial phase. As a means of content enrichment the site also consists of a business directory.

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